Therapeutic support

Therapeutic support imageTo be as effective as possible as a residential setting for people with complex needs, all our staff are trained to use positive behavioural approaches, in a considered and empathic manner. Prompting and rewarding adaptive behaviour helps each person to know and understand what may be expected as they access the community more often and in a range of circumstances.  This approach, supported by the Hesley Enhancing Lives Programme (HELP) and other training for all staff, helps to promote success and build confidence.

Each person is an individual with unique needs. While some of those needs may relate to autism or learning disability, it is an in depth understanding of the whole person that is vital. This enables us to build in the right support structure, so that each person can progressively live a more fulfilling life.

Access to the multi-disciplinary clinical team helps staff evolve each person's HELP profile (support plan) with the person themselves in line with their changing needs.