Therapeutic support & HELPWorks

Person centred services are built around the individual, their needs, wishes and aspirations. People have plans that reflect their personal, social and health care needs, therapeutic and behavioural support and their communication, skills acquisition and development needs and requirements. Plans are developed with the person, their families and those important to them, inculding support staff, clinicians and other key stake holders both internal and external to the service.

Hesley Village imageReviews are regular and in depth. Consultation with those who use our services and their families and others is a vital aspect of effectively meeting people's needs.

Clear policies- including People’s Rights and Having a Say, Effective Behaviour Support, Capacity and Consent - are in place to help ensure we support people properly. Where people cannot give consent we always aim to deliver outcomes that are agreed to be in the best interests of the person.

Our aim is to support people to achieve positive outcomes and so all plans are outcome focused, within an agreed framework of positive and appropriate risk management. The majority of people we support have complex communication needs so we work according to a communication policy and charter - with the needs of the person at the centre of everything we do. Our flexible and motivated staff are trained and skilled in effective person-centred therapeutic support and communication.

All staff undertake training in the Hesley Enhancing Lives Programme (HELP), a positive behaviour support approach based on Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), which is accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD). TCI is an internationally recognised, crisis prevention and management system that reduces reliance on high-risk interventions. TCI recognises that it is the actions and reactions of those around people that strongly shape and influence behaviour, including social interactions and emotional responses. Its emphasis is on empathic relationships and proactive support, while physical interventions are very much considered a last resort. HELP focuses on supporting and enabling people in their personal journey, making these as positive and progressive as possible.HELPWorks image

The safety and well-being of the people we support is paramount and  through everything we do seek to ensure that we work in the best interests of the person. To keep people safe there are times when the use of physical interventions may be needed. This would be as a last resort to support people in crisis, to reduce both stress and risk; and as the least restricitive and safest option at the time.

The use of any potential interventions are fully discussed with the person concerned and/or their family and other appropriate representatives - as far as possible before thry take place. Any such interventions are discontinued as soon as it is safe to do so.

Physical interventions are delievered in line with the PRoACT-SCIP (r) UK Guidance and the BILD Code of Practice.

Both of these approaches can be explored further via the BILD website –

HELPWorks at Hesley encompasses a number of key component which all interlink. This framework, with HELP, together represent the essence of what we do. More information on HELPWorks can be found here.

At Hesley Village we take a multi-disciplinary therapeutic approach encompassing a wide range of expertise in addition to that of our core staff teams and management. Our own multi-disciplinary team covers the following areas of expertise:

Communication: We aim for a total communication environment and so train and support all staff in using augmented systems of communication, such as signing and picture symbols. A skilled and experienced team of Speech and Language Therapists (SALTs) are supported on a day-to-day basis by Therapy Assistants. Our SALTs not only deal with issues relating to communication, some are also specialists in dealing with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties (dysphagia).

Behaviour support: The support of Behaviour Thearpists is available for a thorough assessment of an  individual's needs and a better understanding of the function of his or her behaviour; and to train and support our staff in effective techniques to help manage, lessen or change responses such as physical aggression or self injury. All staff are expected to use the person’s HELP Profile, an agreed common approach, in response to a person’s behaviour and to report where this is effective or otherwise.

PHesley Village support imagesychology: Our clinical psychologists work to support emotional health and well-being by helping each person and the staff supporting them to understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and manage these more effectively. Clinical psychologists integrate information from the individual, their family, and the people supporting them, with the results of structured assessments of neurodevelopment, emotional attachment patterns, cognitive (thinking) skills - and adaptive skills. This approach helps develop a comprehensive understanding of each person’s needs and how best to support them.

The resulting formulation is used to develop and implement interventions which may be used with the individual, for example non-directive counselling, or adapted cognitive-behavioural interventions, or with the staff supporting them (for example, developing their understanding of how an individual’s needs/abilities/diagnosis affect their life and how best to support them).

Occupational therapy: Occupational Therapy (OT) aims to support people live in the way they choose. We understand that some people may experience physical, social and mental health challenges that can cause everyday living to become more demanding. We assess the individual to help understand how they understand and engage in their world. This helps us create interventions that either bring about new ways to complete activities or find different occupations that still create a sense of wellbeing. The Hesley Group provides internal community opportunites as well as wider community engagement in a range of occupational activities that support development of skills, confidence and independence for each person.

Psychiatry: A Consultant Psychiatrist holds regular reviews at Hesley Village and works closely with our local GP service to advise us on our provision and support for people who require psychiatric input to remain emotionally well; and to ensure medication and other interventions are optimally utilised. For emergency psychiatric support people at Hesley Village can access local NHS services, with whom we have strong and positive links.

Members of the multi-disciplinary therapeutic clinical team work together with staff and directly with those living in the service to meet their needs in a coordinated, timely and holistic way.