Staff and Support

Due to the very complex needs of the people who come to live with us, the multi-disiciplinary team has a key role in supporting each individual's learning and progress.

ISC provision staff imageOur multi-disciplinary approach promotes wellbeing and best outcomes for people. We achieve this through working effectively together to deliver prompt and co-ordinated responses at all levels and all stages.

The multi-disciplinary approach seeks to address learning requirements by clear identification of the person’s developmental needs. This includes all the necessary skills for independent living, emotional and behavioural development and personal identity development, social relationships, health and self-care, personal safety, academic work and general home/life skills.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes:-

• College Tutors
• College Support Workers
• Consultant Clinical Psychologist
• Consultant Psychiatrist
• Behaviour Therapist
• Speech and Language Therapist
• Occupational Therapist
• Registered Manager, Care and Support staff

The range of multi-disciplinary services works effectively together to ensure that the objectives for each person are continually given focus and support. This will ensure that they are person-centred, appropriately challenging and progressive in nature. The specialist support offered by the multi-disciplinary team enables people to develop their independence and reach their full potential.

Our recruitment process is thorough and before joining us people’s employment histories are thoroughly checked, references taken up and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks carried out. Hesley Group prides itself it's training and support of staff. A number of team members have achieved long-term service awards for 10 and 20 years, which refelcts the commitment of these highly dedicated staff to those they support and our commitment to reward and celebrate their significant and highly valued achievements.