Therapeutic support & HELPWorks

ISC provision theraputic support imageStaff who work within our Independent Specialist College provision are provided with tailor-made training in all areas, including activity support and adult learning. This focuses on equipping staff with the attitude, knowledge and skills to offer the right level of support to the person as part of their day to day life. Part of this developed understanding includes work on how to organise daily living tasks, such as home chores and personal care. Regular monitoring of progress takes place to inform further assessment, reporting and future planning.

Everyone has differing individual needs and therefore their ‘programme’ will be unique, having its own resource requirements and optimum level of staff support. Staff work in a person-centred way to support each person with life’s
challenges and experiences.

ISC HELPWorks imageAll college staff are trained and competent in the Hesley Enhancing Lives Programme (HELP), a positive behaviour support approach based on Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), and on Applied Beahaviour Analysis (ABA). TCI is accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) and is an internationally recognised crisis prevention and management system that reduces reliance on high-risk interventions. TCI recognises that it is the actions and reactions of those around people that strongly shape and influence their behaviour, as well as their social and emotional development. Its emphasis is on empathy and proactive support, while physical interventions are very much considered a last resort.

HELPWorks at Hesley encompasses a number of key component which all interlink. This framework, with HELP, together represent the essence of what we do. More information on HELPWorks can be found here.