Coming to live with us

We need to be as certain as possible that Low Laithes will be a good choice a person and a positive place for them to live. So, first, we always undertake a thorough assessment to fully understand their needs and wishes.

The assesment covers the range of health and social needs set out in Department of Health guidance and all information is treated confidentially. The assesment process helps ensure that Low Laithes is able to meet each indvidual's requirements and forms the basis of the initial person-centered plan.

Low Laithes imageThe manager of Low Laithes ensures that the assesment process runs smoothly.

Referrals are accepted from the authority that will fund the placement. The authority is asked to send relevant information which we review as part of the process of ensuring that Low Laithes is a suitable provider.

This Pre-admission Assessment is carried out by the manager at Low Laithes and, if necessary, a specialist clinician who can help clarify particular issues of need. They will arrange to meet the person being reffered and as many people centrally involved in their lives and direct care as apossible, to assess their needs.

This is the start of the person-centered planning process which ensures each person is treated as an individual.

If it is felt that Low Laithes can meet the needs of the person, the placing authority is informed and will usually itself inform the person - as well as their family and key others - of the placement decision.

The transition process then begins, managed by a manager at Low Laithes who will work with the person, their family/carers, other key stakeholders and the placing authority, so that the move is planned and managed in the best interests of the person.

When someone moves on from Low Laithes, we strive to plan positively and collaboratively with the person who is to move, as well as all key others, to ensure future provision continues on sound, person-centered foundations.

You are more than welcome to visit Low Laithes to find out more and ask any questions.