Out of school

Wilsic Hall School has an activity programme coordinator who liaises closely with care managers to develop activities for evenings, weekends and school holidays. People have access to a wide choice of clubs, activities and outings.

Throughout the year they can participate in both structured and informal activities including visits to the swimming pool, bowling alley and local walks, as well as joining a range of clubs. These have included, based on individual interests, ICT, cinema, art, scouts, zumba, aromatherapy, baking, sensory, music, aerobics and youth club. People can also take part in the Youth Achievement Award which is similar to the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
Wilsic Hall activities image
At weekends and during the school holidays there is a programme of exciting trips that are enjoyed by everyone. For example, recent trips have included visits to the Thomas Centre, Xscape, Kingswood and on the Ethel Barge.

Outside the formal curriculum day, we provide multi-tiered activities. Each person has an individual activity programme and community access plan. This includes a range of activities from on-site clubs and groups to off-site activities and visits. We also run theme-based holiday programmes during the school breaks.

Each person has a Life Book which, with support from their key worker, celebrates and pictorially charts their experiences, events and activities from admission to leaving Wilsic Hall School.